Name  of  the  caregiver:    Joan Chelagat

 Age  of  the  parent:    31 years old


Name of the children:    Faith Chepchirchir  and  Elija Koech


Childrens age:    Faith Chepchirchir born on 13/5/2007 and Elija Koech born on 28/10/2009



My name is Joan Chelagat, a widow and single mum of four lovely children. I lost my husband Robert Yego in 2007.  The circumstance which led to the death of my husband was unthinkable. My last born child Elija, pricked his dad in the eye during play game with a finger, the eye became itchy and swollen. We took him to the hospital to seek for further medical checkup. It turned out that it had a severe infection. And after a long period of illness he succumbed to death in 2012.


I am overburdened raising these children by my own, it has been a tough time for me since the untimely demise of my husband. All along I have been working as a houselp in people’s houses where I am paid ksh 3000 per month but it is unsustainable.  I live in a single room which I pay a rent of ksh 2000. At one point I opted to quit the job since I cannot meet most of the basic needs. Unfortunately, getting a other odd job elsewhere has been a challenge.  My eldest son; Godana is in form two and being supported by a good Samaritan; a couple staying in Ngong. The other one daughter is in public school, I would have preferred her to join Jukumu Letu but there is no vacancy in class seven.


I really appreciate Jukumu Letu for understanding my situation and allowing me to pay in kind; They have given me an opportunity to work once a week to pay fees for my children which for me this is a big favour in relation to the exact fees paid by other children.