The Face behind


Jukumu Letu was started in 2006 by M/s Anyienda Caroline Matsalia,While a student at University of South Africa (UNISA), Anyienda was required to mobilise, form and work with a certain group of people in a community to address a common felt problem .Being very passionate about the plight of Women, Anyienda choose to work with Single Parents and Widows from the Mathare slum of Ngong Township. After a series of group meetings and individual interviews, the group decided to engage in income generating activities where they leased land for Agriculture, produced detergent and also made Potatoe crisps for sell. The group met twice a week , for production of detergent and crisps in one of the members house and the second meeting always took place at the farm for Agricultural activities.


During the meetings, much was not discussed and achieved because majority of the members including M/s Anyienda had small preschool children who demanded for their carers attention. A thought then occurred to M/S Anyienda to find out what happens to the little ones as their carers went about their day to day economical activities. Some of the women said they locked their babies in the houses the hawkers strapped them on their backs all day long while those who sold merchandise at the Ngong Open air market, went with their children to the market and were exposed to so many dangers including exposure to air pollution, loud noise and even being run over by vehicles being close to the Matatu terminus and a busy road. Sadly we also learned that a two and a half year old had been sexually defiled by an uncle while under his care as the mother was away working and two siblings aged two and three and a half year old, were burnt to death after their mother had locked them up in the house. All this had happened in Mathare within a span of two months.


With all this experiences and information, on the 7th.of February, 2007, the members decided to start a Day Care Centre that would provide a safe and secure location for young preschool children to be cared for while their caregivers or older siblings attend school or work. Based on the model of active participartion and involvement by the service users, Jukumu Letu was replicated in Musitinyi Village in 2009.The Ngong project has subsequently grown to primary standard five.


M/s Anyienda Matsalia has over 18 years post qualification experience in social work, community development, programme management, capacity building, Behaviour change communication, counselling psychology and transformation coaching.


She has successfully initiated, managed and overseen implementation of numerous projects in Kenya that are funded by donors such as USAID .Her work has seen her involved in the entire programme cycle management, including programme design as well as continuous monitoring and evaluation.


She is the Executive Director of Jukumu Letu , Consult for Italian Adoption agencies authorised to work in Kenya, sits on the Board of Directors of Mukinduri Foundation and co facilitates for Interact Ltd cross cultural communication training agency.