November Fundraising Cocktail

What is a world without friends? ;-)  Thanks to Jody, a wonderful friend to Jukumu Letu, we could invite to a Fundraising Cocktail in Muthaiga, Nairobi on 9th November 2019. Among the guests were The Italian Ambassador to Kenya & his wife.

Thanks to all who came and help the children of Jukumu Letu!

Learn- & Playtime during summer break

Summer break also means, that the children have a lot of time to spend :-) so at Jukumu, we offer activities to build skills and ensure the home in the team is not on vacations.  Summer games are mostly around sports and fun outside, and we also offer training, such as crafts or computer classes to equip our older kids with what they need to succeed as they mature. Take a look!

We shape the world we live in. Starts in front of our door: Environmental Day!

First, we cleaned and collected garbage on the streets around Jukumu. What if everybody would do that - just a paper, a plastic cup or else every day? What if we would just not through things on the street to start with - and what if we would not produce so much garbage at all?  Then we came together and planted seeds for new veggies and flowers in our Jukumu Letu patio.

Jukumu Letu Germany - a first!

Sabine and I had our first Jukumu Letu Germany event! We joined the art and crafts market in Münsingen, on April 28th - a small cool town in our home region Schwäbische Alb, and sold dog collars / kid´´´s belts, key rings and paper necklaces for Jukumu! It was a typical "April-in-Germany" kind of day, with sunshine, rain and snow in one day! But we had fun, lots of wonderful conversations and a nice contribution for the Jukumu-kids! We even got some press coverage - which is really great as we were mentioned out of over 100 booths! And we could share the Jukumu-Story..... Thanks so much to all who made this possible!

Earlier in December, its my friend Sabine´'s birthday. And mine some days later. Sabine just wished for Jukumu Letu donations as her birthday present. Can you see the box? And some days later, the box was at my birthday and was filled a bit more - thanks to our wonderful friends, who are now also friends of Jukumu Letu.   Thanks to you all!!! what a special birthday present!

the fundraising walk!

Now - picture this: The day of the fundraising walk has come - 8 Dec. And it rains - like RAINS! ;-) Can water shy away Jukumu supporters? NO! ;-) so about 50 hikers walked up the Ngong mountains to find - fog! can you imagine?  ;-) so all went to Jukumu Letu by 9.30 am and turned the day into an Open Day, sharing with our guests what we do. So we shared what Jukumu Letu stands for, all of our different departments explained how they work, e.g. around cognitive development, nutrition, our agriculture project or social services, and what we do differently in line with our values. Also, some parents shared their stories and the children proudly performed at their best to show what they have learned! 

Are you surprised, that with this amazing spirit in Jukumu, the sun decided to come out - and with it, more friends?


Maybe this can be recorded as the world fastest walk to the Ngong hills ever! - it certainly can be recorded as an amazing and successful day, carried by you, the friends of Jukumu Letu! Assante sana!

white t-shirts with the jukumu logo!

The amazing Kohlberg Mums have added a bunch of white T-shirts to the last suitcase!


Look what Shosho and her colleagues made of it! ;-)  They painted the Jukumu Letu Logo on all of them! Whohooww!


The next "catwalk" will be on December 8th at the Fundraising Walk & Picknick in the Ngong Mountains!


(Are you in Kenya? Got your hiking boots ready?)

Shosho - the mama, the soul of Jukumu

This is Shosho. Also known as Esther Gathoni. But really: Shosho. She is the Housekeeper in Jukumu Letu and is here since the beginning.


I will never forget the first time I met her. Why? She has this.... aura? love? authority? - all of it! She is the mama who knows everybody, always with an open heart to give love, comfort or hands-on advice - just as needed!


Whenever you visit Jukumu, she will give you her special byebye, to meet again: You stand in a circle, pick your Jukumu Heart, and become part of the family.


Tuonane tena!  Thank you Shosho for your big heart!

Hoooray! Another suitcase has arrived!

Take a look! Happy faces! One girl specially touched me - she does not smile a lot. But now, she has a brand new dress - clean, and beautiful!


I would like to thank the moms of Kohlberg Kindergarten so so much, for their wonderful presents! And a big Thank You to the wonderful friend who brought the suitcase to Nairobi!


And just think about how many unused clothes we have sitting in our cupboards! - well, I have the best reason in the world to clean that out! ;-)

all babies need to welcomed with love. they are innocent.

but sometimes, babies are the result of rape. in many many cases, such rape happens within families, and in way too many cases girls, not women, are the victims. their babies are condemned before they see the sun! 


Jukumu Letu embraces these babies. One was born just 2 weeks ago. It can now sleep in a sleeping bag that my son was cuddling up in 2 years ago. It is safe in Jukumu's hands. For this child and its mother, what would the world be without Jukumu Letu?


I cant tell you how grateful I am for their work - and that we can be part of it a tiny little bit.


You can too! ;-)  Go here if you would like to get involved 


Every dime, every cent, every shilling, every sleeping bag goes directly to these children, who are our future and responsibility.

my jukumu story

I am Uta. I am a friend of Carol's - the face behind. We met when I lived in Nairobi, and I am deeply impressed by the difference jukumu letu is making, every day over and over again.... so I will not sing the song of praise here ;-) but would like to share some stories, my jukumu stories.

I have a 3 year old son. He visits a kindergarten in Germany, a village called Kohlberg. He has more toys and clothes than he needs - that is for sure! And he does not stop growing! ;-) so, the idea was born to bring his clothes to Jukumu Letu.

He is so incredibly proud of the fact that Andrew is now wearing his green shirt!! Same with his favourite summer shoes - they are now with Brendan! And with his brown jumper.... and so forth.


Now, some of his kindergarten friends can share that pride: The kindergarten teachers and mothers have heard the Jukumu Letu story, and started to bring children clothes and shoes for the Jukumu Letu kids. Suitcase by suitcase, these clothes now find their way to their new owners!


Last weekend, the Jukumu Letu children of Western Kenya received their suitcase from Germany. Look! See the first kids arriving... and changing their outfits!   Still work to do on scabies and nutrition.... Jukumu has a lot to do!


To more to come!