my jukumu story

I am Uta. I am a friend of Carol's - the face behind. We met when I lived in Nairobi, and I am deeply impressed by the difference jukumu letu is making, every day over and over again.... so I will not sing the song of praise here ;-) but would like to share some stories, my jukumu stories.

I have a 3 year old son. He visits a kindergarten in Germany, a village called Kohlberg. He has more toys and clothes than he needs - that is for sure! And he does not stop growing! ;-) so, the idea was born to bring his clothes to Jukumu Letu.

He is so incredibly proud of the fact that Andrew is now wearing his green shirt!! Same with his favourite summer shoes - they are now with Brendan! And with his brown jumper.... and so forth.


Now, some of his kindergarten friends can share that pride: The kindergarten teachers and mothers have heard the Jukumu Letu story, and started to bring children clothes and shoes for the Jukumu Letu kids. Suitcase by suitcase, these clothes now find their way to their new owners!


Last weekend, the Jukumu Letu children of Western Kenya received their suitcase from Germany. Look! See the first kids arriving... and changing their outfits!   Still work to do on scabies and nutrition.... Jukumu has a lot to do!


To more to come!

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