We celebrate and thank all those who have supported and continue to support Jukumu Letu.


Without your help, smiling faces would be rare. If you would like to do some fundraising or you have fundraising ideas and want to ask for our help, we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Run, walk, climb, jump, please do anything to help continue our service to very deserving children and families. Your help will be grately accepted. Get your church, village, family, school involved - get everyone involved!

 Give a Chance in Life and become part of the Jukumu Family! 


Community based organization
P.O. Box 481(00502) Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 722 827 136,   +254 735 318 537


Jukumu Letu Italia Onlus:

Via Ormea 5, Andezeno  10020

Torino - Italia  -- Tel: 3491578161



Friends of Jukumu Netherlands:

De Vrienden van Jukumu Letu
Mortel 61, 5521 TP Eersel

KVK 67777341 -- RSIN 857169981


Jukumu Letu Deutschland e.V. (in Gr.) 

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