Give a Chance in Life - a special gift

Give the gift of a Chance in Life.  At Jukumu, we have taken on the responsibility for about 350 babies, toddlers and children coming from very vulnerable backgrounds. They need us to have a Chance in Life. This short movie shares an impression of the work we do. 


At Jukumu, we are proud to say that we stand and live by ethical values that include integrity, trust, and giving to those who need it most: Your contribution will support our Jukumu children directly. Our directors, doctors, and psychologist work pro bono for Jukumu Letu to ensure every cent you trust us with will go to the work for the children: a safe place to be, including healthy food and warm clothes, as well as education based on respect and encouraging the talents in the children we are trusted with.

Sponsor 1 child with a monthly donation of 25 Euros or 2500 KES:

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Add "Sponsorship for 1 child" in the donation form under message/purpose.

Sponsor 2 children with a monthly donation of 50 Euros or 5000 KES:

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Add "Sponsorship for 2 children" in the donation form under message/purpose.

Support Jukumu Letu with a one off amount of your choice:  

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After we received your donation, we will send you your confirmation in a nice printable file, including name, photo, background and current status for your new sponsor child or children. We will update you twice a year by email on the progress your sponsor child is making - so you can see the impact you make first hand.


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