Why volunteer?

When asked, many volunteers say they do it because they love it. By volunteering with Jukumu Letu, you will make a real difference to the lives of our children and their families, have fun and make new friends all at the same time. Beware though, the Jukumu Letu philosophy of ‘our responsibility’ can be addictive and extremely inspiring!

What can you do at Jukumu Letu?

Some of our volunteers provide their personal skills and experience like social work, classroom assistance, income generating projects, IT, administration, care for our infants and toddlers, strengthening ‘fun ways to learn’. You could also give workshops to staff on a wide range of topics. Whatever your field, there is always a need you can help us meet. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at jukumu.letu.kenya@gmail.com
 and read FAQs here .

Read Serafina's volunteering experience here She's pictured above.


Please let us know if you wish to come for a few days, weeks or months!!! We will help to work out some plans with you. Contact jukumu.letu.kenya@gmail.com


Alice - Volunteer Experience

My name is Alice and I started my volunteering experience in Jukumu Letu in July 2013 and it lasted for one year. It has been a very nice and professional growing experience. I m a student of science of education in Italy and my field is social work. During my work experience at Jukumu Letu, I tried to help as much as I could wherever I saw a need in the daily activities in the different departments.


I mainly worked within the social working department, helping with filling of case profiles, home visits in the nearest slum with Jukumu Letu's social worker (Martha), and together we came up with ideas to try to help the children and families of Jukumu Letu. I was also involved with the teachers and children in kindergarten and primary classes, looking into activities that would elicit more interest, fun and attention in children with special needs.

These included art and creative activities to help in the development of psychomotor skills, body coordination, development of imagination and self expression through material and use of colours.

I suppose the beauty of working at Jukumu Letu is the exposure one gains across the departments. At the end of it, one has become involved with almost all colleagues and children as well as a lot of their parents; this helps in feeling and being part of the Jukumu Letu family. Some days I used to help the care givers in the day care/infant department; these would be children aged between a few months up to 3 years.


I helped with the daily duties of feeding the small children and play with them and trying to stop crying. I also helped in fundraising events and programs such as "adopt a child initiative". This is a project that encourages Kenyans and especially young ones in universities and colleges to make a contribution towards the care of the children at Jukumu Letu Organization. An ‘adoptive parent’ makes a commitment to make a certain contribution at regular intervals. This could also be a one off contribution and is open to anyone who would like to get involved whether they are in Kenya or outside Kenya. Please feel welcome to visit the link here.


Jukumu Letu also runs an organic vegetable farm. This is yet another project I got involved in. We had clients placing orders of vegetable baskets and I helped in the delivery of these around Nairobi. In my last few months at Jukumu Letu, I decided to start basic computer lessons with the teachers and other staff members. After a while with them, I realized that they needed to grow in their computer skills. The organization required the teachers to present their "schemes of work" in digital form. With the basic knowledge of Word processor application they could even start to write their own exams, songs for kids, stories and tables. I introduced teachers to laptops, with the help of Karibu Kenya who donated to us a new laptop to use for this program and with the go ahead from the director.


We started a very basic program of few weeks, where they could be more confident with the keyboard, mouse and Word processor application of Microsoft Word. The lessons were very successful, very satisfying and the staff enjoyed a lot. That was a very useful and helpful program, now I can say that almost all of the teachers know how to type, save, print and move around in the computer!


It has been an amazing year, full of emotions, challenges and very great moments with the Jukumu Letu Family. I have grown a lot as a person and in my social work field with the help of Martha. I discovered other new abilities, strengths and weakness. I have never found people with such big hearts to help children and their families, and using very limited resources amidst a lot of other challenges yet everyone kept their hope high, no one gave up and they gave their best to improve themselves and the services that they provided to the children and the organization. A very good team, it has been an honor to work and share a year of my life with them and those amazing kids! Jukumu Letu will always be a part of me.


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