Who can volunteer?


Anyone over the age of 18 can volunteer. Our expectation is that you are enthusiastic, proactive, loving, able to give genuine smiles and be patient with children. Our volunteers include people who are looking for work, full-time employees, retired workers and students seeking to gain experience.  A potential volunteer shall also be to screening for god conduct.


How much time do I need to give?


If you hope to work directly with children, we encourage you to aim to be available for a relatively long time to give the children time to get used to you, develop relationship and have quality time together.  However, we can have separate arrangement when we know what you would like to do and your availability.


What skills can I volunteer?


This depends on your abilities. If you are fresh from school, we can, where possible pair you up with full-time employees and/or other volunteer(s) to help you develop skills. Our volunteers in the past have included educational professionals, psychologists, social workers, carers, skilled people to help our ladies with their tailoring project and creative arts for children (always huge fun!). So whichever is your field, and your warmth, friendliness, humility and ability to meet children at their level with love and respect, you are welcome to volunteer with us. 


Will I be trained by Jukumu Letu?


Jukumu Letu does not provide training; however volunteers who have no skills yet will be mentored and given support to pick new skills. You would also be included I training should there be any staff training happening while you are volunteering with us.


I live abroad but will be going to Kenya on holiday, can I volunteer?


To ensure we safeguard and protect our children, we will need you to have a certificate of good conduct or the equivalent from your country. We will need to ensure you have no previous incidences that deem you unfit to work with children. Please arrange to have evidence of this from your country.


Will my stay while volunteering be supported by Jukumu Letu?


We may not be able to house you but you are most welcome to share meals with the Jukumu family. If you are coming from abroad however, we will help you to find a place to stay.


What will I get from volunteering?


It is important for volunteers to be clear about their motivation to volunteer.  As a volunteer however, you have every potential to make a real difference to the lives of our children and their families, directly or otherwise.  You will also pick up new skills whilst providing what you already have.  We have had volunteers who have become clear of what they want to do in life as a result of volunteering with us.  Please see our volunteers’ experience .  Very strong long term friendships have also come from te volunteering contact, people have gained confidence, and felt the joy of altruism first hand.  We have heard of people who have discovered strengths they did not know they had and developed more self awareness and self acceptance from the experience of working with orphans and vulnerable children. Easily put, the benefits of volunteering are endless and absolutely valuable.


Do I need to apply to be a volunteer?


Yes, please complete the Volunteer Application Form