Food security

The wealth of a nation is measured by how well we feed our children. With this in mind, Jukumu Letu’s Food Security project began in June 2012 to ensure self-sustainability in feeding our children. The project currently employs a full time farm manager and two others to help in the day-to-day farm activities. We grow cabbage, onions, eggplant, beetroots, tomatoes and carrots. Excess to demand is sold locally for some extra income.


The Farm

It is a wonderful place - peaceful and right at the Ngong Hills. We have 2 large greenhouses in which we grow paprika, tomatoes, onions, vegetables and salat/spinach etc. We also have bees, 13 of the 18 beehives are occupied at the moment. Newton is responsible for ensuring the farm is well taken care of and produces at its best. He lives on the farm in his own house, with a fabulous view onto the Ngong Hills. As needed, he gets support from Willy, Terry and whoever is around to help. A lot of manual work is needed, because we run the farm without pesticides or machines, taking care of the health of our children, teachers and the environment. 


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