Primary School

The primary school development of Jukumu Letu has a very interesting beginning.

A Dutch family with an adopted grandchild from Kenya, visiting our Ngong project in November 2011 asked how they could offer support. With four years of successful experience, parents, carers and some friends of Jukumu Letu were already investigating continuity of quality care and education. We shared this with the family who immediately and very generously offered to cover the expense of furniture for class one.

Until now we have naturally grown in successive ways to standart five.


Jukumu Letu provides value driven education expressed through our four core values interwoven in the primary curriculum.

With these values we foresee our students becoming:

  • Confident
  • Tolerant
  • Resilient people of integrity
  • Being capable of both leadership and compassion

The children are encouraged to become active members of their community. Jukumu Letu strives to develop their full potential through a rich academic program and extra curricular activities.

We are delighted to watch the progress of our children as they grow and our well qualified and motivated teachers. Our teachers fully engage pupils in the learning process.